February Vacation Kids Ninja Warrior Competition


To all those Kid Ninja Warriors out there! Our Feb break Ninja Warrior Competition Registration is now live!

Here is what you need to know:

The course will consist of upper body challenges, balance obstacles, and height-based challenges. (Please refer to pictures below)

With your registration you get:

  1. A practice time. This practice time can be used any weekday 4 to 7 to come and practice prior to doing it officially. You can drop in any day from now to the last day of the competition.

  2. A scoring run. This is your scored run that will be used in the results. You can register to come anytime 4pm to 7pm from the 17th to 21st of February.


Time to complete the course will be your final score. The lower the time the better. However, scores will be broken into different groups based on how many challenges where completed. A participant that completed the entire course and didn’t pass any challenge will not be in the same category as a person that could not compete 3 of the challenges and bypassed them. Most important is to have fun and scores are just to see how well you did.


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