Reoccurring Classes Start 9/21

Trial Class

Want To Schedule A Trial Class?

Please take a look at our class descriptions for appropriate aged classes. Once you know what class you want please take a look at our class calendar and email us to setup a trial class.

Trail classes are only $20 paid the day of. If you don't see a time that works let us know and we will see what we can do! Thanks

Class Info:

  • Price $120 Per Month for typically 4 classes per month

  • Plus 2 free passes per month on week days

  • When you first sign up the payment will be prorated to the end of the month

  • Payments are made 2 days prior to the 1st of the month.

  • Please email Isaac@rockonadventure to stop payments and or cancel classes.

  • No refund will be given unless we receive an email prior to payment being processed.

 Pick Up & Drop Off of Students – Gym Entrance:

·       Parents will not be allowed in the gym at this time, unless you make an appointment with a Coach.  

·       We will be conducting a Wellness Check (see below), as part of the drop off process. Parents can leave once their child completes this process and enters the gym. All who enter the building must answer our wellness questions and have their temperature taken.

·       Once students enter the gym, they must wear their mask. During practice, they do not have to wear it, only occasionally when they are near each other.  

Please observe state guidelines regarding social distancing (six feet), when dropping your child off at the gym entrance.  Parents should 

always be wearing a face mask.


Physical Distancing:

·       Parents, students, and staff are asked to maintain a social distance of six feet from one another whenever possible. 

·       The number of students in each class will be limited to coincide with recommended guidelines.

·       The ability to integrate certain gymnastics-specific training approaches (i.e. spotting, shared equipment and more) may be limited depending on public health restrictions, and therefore may alter the reintegration of certain skills. 


Maintaining a Clean Environment: 

·       Students are asked to bring their own bottled water and hand sanitizer, which will be stored in their personal gym bag. 

·       Students will be asked to sanitize/wash hands before and after class, and when deemed appropriate.

·       Coaches will clean all equipment at the beginning and end of each class, and throughout class as equipment is used.   

·       On a nightly basis, we will be disinfecting the gym.

o   We are using a product called VitalOxide.  This product is being used by other gyms, and it has been approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19). It meets the EPA’s emerging pathogen requirements for virus showing efficacy against envelope and non-envelop virus, both large and small. 

Rock Climbing Classes


Rock Climbing Level 1

(6 - 8 Age)

6 to 8 years Old 

Students will be introduced to basic climbing, bouldering, and belaying techniques. They will also learn climbing terminology and the use of gear. A strong focus on safety rules and the mastery of two basic and very important knots. Students will build upper body strength and increase coordination as they are encouraged to climb to the peak of the rock wall.

Kids will learn:

  • How to static climb

  • Body positioning in relation to the wall

  • Balance and coordination in movement

  • They will gain Strength and endurance

Rock Climbing Ninja Combo

(13+ Age)

Students will learn beginner rock climbing techniques in different types of holds, body positions and dynamic/static moves. This class will include a small amount of ninja to complement their rock climbing training. This class is intended for ages 13+. All skill levels welcomed in this class and all kids will be appropriately challenged skill levels! 

Rock Climbing Level 1

(13-17 Age)

Intermediate Rock Climbing 13 - 18yrs

An advanced group of  students who want to practice more advanced climbs skills along with the added competition of the sport.  Classes are twice a week and competitions are on the weekends. The climbing team will hold one practice at Rock On Adventure on Mondays and Thursdays they will be heading to Central Rock Gym. This is great opportunity if your looking for something fun and exciting to do!


Students will improve and learn:

  • Ascending and Repelling

  • How to self belay with a grigri

  • How to perform a climbing wall rescue



NINJA WARRIOR Level 1 (6 - 8 Age)

Ages 6 - 8yrs - Students will learn fundamentals of ninja. Techniques for all kinds of agility and strength obstalces will be introduced in a fun supportive environment. The training will be fun but also physically demanding.

NINJA WARRIOR Level 1 (9 - 13 Age)

Ages 9 - 13yrs - Students will continue to learn the fundamentals of ninja. Introduction of longer ninja courses or more complex movements will be taught in a safe way. Training will be more intense than the younger age group.

Boston Ninja Team (Any Age)

You must tryout prior to joining. The team is a invitation only based on skill level. Please email or call for more info on team. This class is twice a week with an emphasis on how to complete courses and conditioning to crush those courses!



AGES 16 - Adult - Ninja Warrior training is a fun fitness class that incorporates two types of training. The first training type is training on agility and balance obstacles. The second training type you will be training on rock climbing, upper body strength and high obstacle training.




This program will focus on the basics of aerial silks.


Ages 8 to 14 years old

Fridays 4pm to 5pm

Skills Includes:

  • Strengthening The Body

  • Improving Balance

  • Climbing The Silks

  • Basic Poses & Moves

Please Email Instructor to setup a class!

OCR Fit & Functional Fitness

OCR Fit (16+)

Want a realistic race day simulator?


This class is for you! In this program you’ll be running interspersed with obstacles, just like on race day! We have obstacles similar to those you’ll see on race day and our instructors will be coaching and cheering you on!


This class includes creating a personalized plan with your coach. This class will help you achieve all your goals and is scalable for all skill levels.


Time: Sunday at 9am

Pricing:$120 Monthly

Functional Fitness: (14+) 

Interested in Spartan Race but concerned about the obstacles? This class is for you! We offer a 30-minute strength workout followed by obstacle specific technique with our OCR veteran coach and two private sessions scheduled with the instructor per month!


We want you to build confidence to tackle the course. Intended for beginners but can be scaled based on participant skill level.


Time: Wednesday at 6pm

Pricing: $120 Monthly  


Toddler & Parent Ages 2+ yrs

Ages 12 months-36 months (45 min) class is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your child!


Parents help their toddlers along as they roll, jump and learn exercises that improve their coordination through basic gymnastic activities.


This class is a great way to introduce physical fitness in an entertaining setting.

Recreational Program

Rhythmic Stars Recreational Program provides a great introduction to rhythmic gymnastics to girls from 3 years old and older.


Gymnasts are introduced to basic elements of rhythmic gymnastics, learn to use rhythmic gymnastics apparatus and develop strength, agility, coordination and flexibility.


Skills learned in classes are showcased in at least two annual shows (Summer and Winter). Eligible students from recreational classes may progress to the competitive program.

Flexibility and Strength

Rhythmic Stars is introducing a new stretching and strength/conditioning class for all ages.


Stretching increases flexibility which aids in injury reduction and prevention which is why it is the cornerstone on which all athletic training is founded.


We offer a comprehensive training program that utilizes unique elements from gymnastics, helping athletes gain maximum flexibility and strength while learning correct posture and stretching techniques.

Ballet Combo Program

Ballet Combo program is a fusion of recreational rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and dance. Classes are longer than recreational rhythmic gymnastics classes and last for 1.5 hours. Besides gymnastics skills and apparatus, girls learn ballet and a variety of dance styles from all over the world. This is a great class to develop great posture, elegance, expression and grace, as well as overall agility and flexibility. Every student participates in at least to shows per year to demonstrate newly acquired skills to their parents, relatives and friends, and just to have fun performing with peers.