1. Rock Climbing - (16 can climb at the same time on the tall walls. Another 10 can climb at once on our 10 foot bouldering walls)

  2. Dodge ball - (Dodge ball games with kids vs kids or kids vs parents. Dodge ball is always a hit! Dodge balls are soft bass that leave no marks).

  3. Nerf Tag – (Kids will play high energy, low-impact, zombie themed game using foam dart blasters).

  4. Dance Party – (Bring in your favorite music and we will play it along with lighting effects and dance games).

  5. Kids Ninja Warrior - (In this party kids will be given a score card and we will open up all of our different challenges. Kids can move from one challenge to another in no particular order. This way we can get lots of the kids participating at the same time).


  • Minimum of 2 party hosts with additional hosts for larger parties.

  • Private refreshment room that we setup, clean up and include a refrigerator with freezer for your use. (Tables are 3’ by 6’.

  • Only one event / party at a time so you will never have to hunt down your guests.

  • A trip down the zipline for all the kids!

  • Includes Table Cloth, Plates, Forks & Napkins

  • We can provide food or your welcome to bring your own or have it delivered.


  • Mix and match 3 party themes:

  • 120 minute party with refreshment time included.

  • 3 party options

  • Zipline for all kids!

  • $345 for up to 10 participants.

  • $14 per extra person over 10 participants. How many participants will you have? (Please let us know if their are any changes in the participant count at least 5 days prior to the party for staffing changes. The participant count becomes the minimum due 5 days prior to party!)

  • Add Pizza ($14.5 cheese & $2.5 extra per topping)

  • Add Drinks (Bottled Water $1, Kool Aid $1)

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