1. Rock Climbing - Climb our 24 foot wall, cargo net and try out our most coveted punching bag cliff jump.

  2. Dodge ball - Dodge ball games with kids vs kids or kids vs parents. Dodge ball is always a hit! Dodge balls are soft bass that leave no marks.

  3. Gaga Ball – Kids will play high energy game of gagaball. We construct a pit and let kids and/or parents play in a giant game of gagaball. Some never want to stop playing!

  4. Dance Party – Bring in your favorite music and we will play it along with lighting effects and dance games.

  5. Kids Ninja Warrior - We have a giant warped wall, rings and many classic American Ninja Warrior obstacles. We play games on those obstacles and chance to try out some fun mini-courses! 


  • Minimum of 2 party hosts with additional hosts for larger parties.

  • Private refreshment room that we setup, clean up and include a refrigerator with freezer for your use. (Tables are 3’ by 6’.

  • Only one event / party at a time so you will never have to hunt down your guests.

  • A trip down the zipline for all the kids!

  • Includes Table Cloth, Plates, Forks & Napkins

  • We can provide food or your welcome to bring your own or have it delivered.


  • Mix and match 3 party themes:

  • 120 minute party with refreshment time included.

  • 3 party options

  • Zipline for all kids!

  • $345 for up to 10 participants.

  • $14 per extra person over 10 participants. How many participants will you have? (Please let us know if their are any changes in the participant count at least 5 days prior to the party for staffing changes. The participant count becomes the minimum due 5 days prior to party!)

  • Add Pizza ($14.5 cheese & $2.5 extra per topping)

  • Add Drinks (Bottled Water $1, Kool Aid $1)